Sunday, 8 April 2012


Your friendship breaks in me
like an over-yolked egg,
all sunshine yellow and sustenance.
Because You love me,
I can face those who do not see me;
because I have meaning for You
I stand tall when there's no place for me.
I breath
because there is air;
I rise
in the cooling rain;
I shine
underneath the sun;
I dance
by the light of the moon;
I sing
because my heart still beats;
I believe
because You have faith in me.

Your friendship breaks in me
like a thousand tiny birds,
sweet cacophony of Easter chicks.
Because You know me
I understand some things need not concern me;
because You gave Yourself for me
I take the world as it is.
I heal
because there is time;
I hope
 because  the dawn breaks;
I try
because of the stars;
I reach
when the sky is so clear;
I run
to a brighter horizon;
I believe
because You have faith in me.