Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Water is Wide... Welcome to this blog!

"The Water is Wide" is one of my favourite songs; the title is one of my favourite sayings.
The water is indeed wide; between people, nations, cultures and ideas. Maybe we can't swim over, and would be ill-advised to try. But I believe there is always a boat that can make it through; whether that boat is your faith in God, your courage, your self respect, or simply love. 
In truth, I believe these are all one and the same.
Whatever floats your own boat,  you are very welcome to this blog.

"The Water is Wide"  Eva Cassidy
Photo: Gigi family album

"There is a ship, it sails the sea,
It's loaded deep as deep can be,
But not so deep as the love I'm in;
I know not if I sink or swim.
The water is wide,
 I can not get o'er
And neither have I the wings to fly;
O give me a boat that will carry two,
And both shall row, my love and I..."
(from the traditional 16th century old English or Celtic folksong, largely uncredited)


  1. Who is the pretty girl in the green dress?


  2. Hello Pablo - nice to see you on here! The rather giggly gal with the goofy grin is indeed me! You're always very kind - thank you and God bless x

  3. how has the pretty girl in the green dress been doing?

    love from pablo.


    1. Hey Pablo. The girl in the green dress is waiting for some sunshine again, I can tell you! A lot of us have been very under the proverbial weather but spring is hopefully on it's way! The green dress is still folded up with the summer clothes. Nice to see you back on these pages. I hope you're well. God bless x