Monday, 2 July 2012


"Starry, starry night, portraits hung in empty halls,
Frameless heads on nameless walls with eyes that watch the world and can't forget"
(Don Maclean "Vincent / Starry Starry Night")

I have no land,
I am of this earth.
I have no property,
I own my thoughts.
I have no gold,
I cannot be bought.
I have no jewels,
I look to the stars.
I have no ambition,
I look to my dreams.
I have no lover,
I am good to myself.
I have no home:
I will live in your hearts.



“She might be without country, without nation, but inside her there was still a being that could exist and be free, that could simply say I am without adding a this, or a that"
 (Sharon Maas) 

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