Sunday, 5 May 2013

The merry month

"But winter lingering chills the lap of May." 
(Oliver Goldsmith)

It seems that Mother Nature and Father Time-of-the-Year are going through a rough patch. The darling buds of May were looking a little pinched yesterday. Just as I dig out a flowery frock and ditch the stockings, the temperature drops away and the heavens open. All in time for the May Bank Holiday of course. I have a little rule that the heating and hosiery go off at the end of March and stay off until October. I like to think it means I'm quite hardy: as the only one of my friends to develop pleurisy a few weeks back, I appreciate that could translate as "foolhardy".
The ice-cream vans have started up in Brighton; although the vendor I saw yesterday afternoon was huddled in his van with a woolly beanie hat on. Sadly, I think his sales pitch of buying a large lolly because "in this weather, it'll last all day" may prove self-defeatist.
Along with the annual Brighton Festival, all arty, colourful and clever, the daily Brighton flesh-show has started too; always colourful, not so arty and in this weather really not that clever. Yesterday I saw all manner of tiny clothing, sometimes on not so tiny frames. In some instances, I felt certain garments were missing altogether, but decided it was best not to get too involved. There are indeed some serious Bodies Beautiful in Brighton, of every gender; but goosebumps and raw extremities are never a good look.
Although our council is famously Green and the political undercurrent definitely red, Brighton is starting to turn orange. Various shades; from a peachy coral anticipation to a tasteful terracotta and on to a hardcore, whites-of-their-eyes tangerine. The sun-bedding and self-tanning are up and running; sometimes literally, depending on the volume of the fake-tan. I'm too fearful of burns and streaks for any of this: I've grown fond of my freckles and I stay pale in the hope that I'll one day become interesting. 
If we can pick up a tan without sun then we can surely raise a smile without it... Smiling faces were notably as lacking as outer garments yesterday. We set such store by external heat to shine and bask in and optimistic summery clothes and colours to parade in. All too lightly, we forget the warmth of our own hearts and humour and from the kindness of others. A smile tends to suit and fit everyone; it can be far more attractive and revealing than any amount of exposed flesh.
I went home and donned leggings and a jumper to weed the garden a bit and chivy it to try something new; twigs are bit passe now. By dusk, my bare ankles had turned a pale aquamarine; not particularly hardy but possibly intriguing. Up with the seagulls this morning and an early sun has again retreated behind Brighton's unevenly banked skyline. It's probably waiting to see what everyone's wearing today.

"I Saw You Blink"  Stornoway


  1. Ishisu Ishtar5 May 2013 at 09:57

    You never fail to make me smile :-)
    Also, that last pic of the yellow flower gave me a bit of a start. That's exactly the kind of flowers me and my grandmother went to place on my uncle's grave friday to remember the 5th anniversary of his passing.

    1. Ishisu was made for smiling :)
      I love that pic of the yellow flower; exactly the kind I like, along with yellow roses and sunflowers. There's a real simplicity to it but you can almost feel the sunshine off it.
      I don't think I knew you 5 years ago? We do seem to have known each other forever.I'm sure your uncle is proud and full of love that you take time to visit, with such bright blossoms xx

    2. Ishisu Ishtar5 May 2013 at 20:08

      We actually did. We got to know eachother in 2007 though of course that was only online and not nearly as close as we are now :-) But yeah, I've been your annoying little sister for about 6 years now :-) xxx

    3. Good Lord. Really? And all because of Snow Patrol. Time has flown and both of our lives have changed course!
      If you had been annoying in the slightest, I would have remembered it was 6 years. The number of years and whatever distance is really not important. What matters is the strength of the bond. Here's to the next 6... xxx

  2. The photos/cartoons are brilliant and so are your comments in your post. You've a wonderful sense of humour. Thanx.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Victor! That's a fine compliment from such a witty man! Glad you're still enjoying it. God bless!

  3. Hehehe once again Gisele you make me smile so much and the pic of the two dogs sooooo remind me of my Teddy!!!! Take care hun xxx

    1. Ah I thought you'd like the canine humour! You have a lovely smile and the world should see more of it! xxx