Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Mouths of Babes

I thought I might share the thoughts of my friend's lovely little boy. He's ten and has high range autism. He's definitely the wisest little boy I've ever met. The other week I popped into their house and started to make my own cuppa. He told me this was "very inappropriate", especially for a "church-goer". Investigation revealed other Inappropriate Actions for Church-goers:
1.Using your 'phone in church, especially if you're calling someone in another bench (pew).
2.Eating your fish and chips in church, especially if you've put vinegar on them.
3.Singing a different song (hymn) to everyone else to put them off.
4.Gluing the songbooks shut.
5.Pushing in the "church queue" or kicking someone out of way to get to the front.
6.Pinching people's bottoms when they're kneeling down.
7.Sticking your tongue out at the Man at the Front (priest), or trying to push him over.
8.Falling asleep in church, especially if you lie down .
9.Going to church in a silly hat, especially with bobbles, ears or sticky-out bits on it, unless it's Easter or Christmas.
Pretty sure he put the last one in just for me.

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